Coates Environmental River Bank Stabilisation

Our environmental department produces a range of natural river bank stabilisation and ground protection products, from bound willow bundles, spiling - a traditional technique used for the prevention of erosion to river and stream banks, willow stakes, ground roll matting and live willow material perfect for landscaping and river bank stabilsation projects.

Willow faggots and fascines are a natural, environmentally sound product that have a multitude of uses including reducing soil erosion, river bank stabilisation, coir roll protection, spillway and shoreline protection. They are easy to install and are a long lasting solution.

Faggots and fascines are tight bundles of small diameter willow bound together, and are particularly effective at providing protection to vulnerable river bank areas. Multiple faggots can be installed with willow stakes to form a mattress which helps to offer protection on steep river banks and collect sediment in lower areas. We offer both live and seasoned stakes or pins for this use.