Lots to see and do ...

We have a lovely courtyard of shops to explore - take your time and enjoy a coffe and a cake from the Lemon Tree cafe, browse the shops - The Willow Shop, Stripples (Everything we love about Somerset!), Edwina's Flowers & Antiqua Ships.

You can see the entire process of our traditional craft, from withy beds where the willow is grown, to the finished product available for sale in the Willow Shop beside the museum. You can learn about the craft of growing willow and how the withies are used to make baskets and a huge variety of other willow products.

There are three signposted walks from the Centre, varying in lenghth from 1km to 3.25km. The easiest and shortest walk is the Woodland Trail, a Reduced Mobility Access trail leading down to the river and back, with an optional loop through a 3-hectare stand of native broadleaf trees including ash, oak, whitebeam, hazel, walnut, and cherry.

We look forward to welcoming you to the heart of the Somerset Levels!